Superb work as ever Louise. Love the pallette.

Lovely palette, Louise.

Many thanks Kirstie, Jim and Seth. To be honest, this is an older painting of mine which turned up in the browser box of a Manchester gallery I used. Unfortunately the gallery owner sadly died recently and we went to collect our work over the weekend. I'd forgotten all about this one and was surprised to see it. It had been there for quite some time! Was it mine? Well yes, I'd signed it and my name was on it :)

I agree beautiful colours and a nice find Louise.

Posted on Tue 15 May 09:20:17

So good, Louise.

Beautiful colours Louise. Lovely to see you back again.

Gorgeous colours Louise, they go so well together, a fab painting 😀

Rather splendid Louise, looks a lot of work mind you, but worth it.

Many thanks Ibolya, Lewis, Sandra and Linda for your lovely comments. I haven't been away Sandra, just not painting. Well I have been, but with white gloss paint. I've been busy touching up skirting boards and door frames round the house!

Superb work.

Beautiful, painting, a joy to view.

Gorgeous subtle colours Louise, such a delicate touch in those negative spaces

Beautifully done Louise. Lovely fresh pastel colours.

I really like this Louise, lovely colours.

Many thanks Willie, Thalia and Michael. I'd planned on wetting the watercolours today which are looking rather dried up through lack of use and now, the weather's too hot. It's scorchio here today!

Thank you as well Margaret :)

Really interesting watercolour -the grapes look great and not too dark

Thank you Carolyn and David. They're the pale Northern variety

This could very easily have turned into a lovely mess, with the complicated shapes and subtle colours: I can see myself descending into Mud Central, but you have kept control very well and produced a striking painting. Your own vineyard, I trust...

Thank you Gudrun and Robert. More like Asda's Robert! I'm lucky if I can even get the tomatoes to go red never mind grapes. Every year I'm left with sorry looking green tomatoes despite my best efforts. This year I didn't bother and now look at the weather. Hot and sunny here. Mind you, we have a few figs growing. There were three last year so things are looking up :)

This is great - love the colours and design. Louise

Beautiful tones in this Louise.

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 24 cm x 22 cm

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