Great. The selfie 'pout', how often have I seen that!

It's awful isn't it Lewis..the 'trout pout' that is. lol

They see things through different eyes than the rest of us. Self adoration is alive and well Louise.. Great depiction of the disease for which the only cure is old age....(-:

I read about a young man who takes 200 selfies a day Jim. Now that's an addiction!

Great painting and great social comment Louise, as always.

Could be selfish too, so many fussing with them while in company. Nice one Louise

Louise, you are so inventive! I can't remember the last time I took a pic of me, so I can say I don't have this disease called 'selfitis'.

Posted on Wed 28 Feb 11:48:04

Just read your comment about the guy who takes 200 selfies a day and I read it too. Maybe he is like me, has to take 200 pics to get one that's acceptable.

Posted on Wed 28 Feb 11:50:00

Thanks all. I've never taken a selfie either but have tried to paint one without much success! Ibolya, the young man I mentioned apparently puts his photos on Instagram every day and boasts that he has a 50,000 following!

Oh gosh, these are so funny. What a great idea this was Louise.

I have started making "You-ies" (selfies in reverse). I already have so much material for future portraits! No one seems to mind..they think I am taking a selfie.

Posted by T H on Wed 28 Feb 13:02:15

Young and beautiful why not celebrate it whilst it's there lovely Louise

Thanks Alan, Gudrun, Timothy, and Dennis. I don't think all the selfies are for reference The trouble is Dennis, most are photoshopped and nothing like the person. Then youngsters who see them loose confidence in their own looks.

Oh! The dreaded pout - good painting.

Oh Louise, you make me laugh! This is brilliant and so true!

Thanks Maureen and Margaret :)

It takes me all my time to look at myself in the mirror never mind take umpteen selfies....which I have never done......I’ve only just been dragged into 21st century and acquired a mobile phone, which is a cast off. More often than not me and phone do not share the same space very often. I may even have the smallest contact list ever....three! Lol I love your trendy, topical images Louise.

Same here Fiona. I rarely use my phone (which was also a cast off) or even hear it if it rings which isn't often :)

I seem to have missed this one, just love it Louise. Great expression of today's self-absorption.

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Obsessive selfie taking!

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