One -liner

One -liner

Wow that's brilliant! I like the light touch with paint for this too.

My goodness Louise!!! What an accomplishment! Strong and confident in line and detail :)

Gorgeous one-liner Louise!!

So lively - linearism wins the day again! Love the gentle washes as they allow the lines to shine through. I think you need to approach Manchester City Council and offer yourself as the 'artist in residence' promoting the city through art as you do a grand job of it!

That's another wow from Simon er sorry Louise! These are getting better and better, very confident and free. I agree with Thea, these would look great in leaflets etc.

I don't know how you manage to make sense of these shapes in just one line without getting into a terrible muddle! Brilliant!

Crikey Louise, however did you manage to do that without getting completely lost. Brilliant.

Terrific one liner Louise, in such a short time too!!

Great one liner Louise!

I love this Louise.

Thank you all for your lovely comments!

So very accomplished and lively. Gorgeous work, Louise!

It's all been said, Louise; this is superb! Must admit, I didn't recognise it straight away as one of yours but it was so eye catching that I had to check out the artist's name! Beautifully done with exactly the right colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick one-liner of the Manchester sky line. Ten minutes on the pen line starting top left working horizontally until reaching the bottom when my pen began to dry out!

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