Manchester tram

Manchester tram

Lovely and vibrant Louise.

Wonderfully evocative of people catching the tram to go home after a day's work in the city. You are so brave in using rich darks in your paintings, which gives them great depth, and this has worked well in this one. The splash of yellow of the tram is super. A lovely piece of work.

Thank you Kal and Thea, nice of you to comment..such nice comments as well!

Love your city scenes Louise, so well painted

That bright yellow tram and the colourful umbrellas really cheer up the damp and dreary Manchester cityscape! A lovely vibrant painting, love the glow from the windows too. ,

Great painting Louise - I know these trams well.

Really effective, such an atmosphere. Love the way the tram looms up out of the dark and snakes away in the distance.

Many thanks Glennis, Christine, Joseph and Sharon.

The group of people under the umbrellas is just great! They try to squeeze in together to keep out of the rain and you have created the exact feeling. It's a lovely night scene with bright colours Louise!

Very authentic Louise, it always rains when I'm waiting for the tram and those tiny shelters are useless! Sorry, rant over.

Great contrast between the tram and the night sky!

Stunning piece, Louise! I really like how you used the lovely bright palette to emphasize the focal point.

Thank you Satu, Stephen, Debs and Seok. It's an imaginary scene really but the tram's based on the real thing, and the umbrellas!

Love the way the tram glows in the dark.

Hang on Studio Wall

Manchester tram with obligatory umbrellas on show! Watercolour 20 cm x 20 cm

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