Curious Ember

Curious Ember

Next to the 9 photos it says This 'Take a look at the Leisure Painter painting projects portfolios to see all of the work sent in by readers who have followed the monthly challenges. Send us your version if you complete any of these projects and we will add them to the gallery - the artist setting the challenge will usually offer comments and advice.' As far as i was aware the 9 pictures displayed were to do with this and not my 'OWN GALLERY' That I am told I can have, and thought I was posting into. To save this happening to anyone else i suggest that they clarify!

It's not that clear is it, I thought the same when I think you're filling your own gallery but it all ends up in the public gallery. It's just the fact that you have such a large body of work that has caused the problem. For what it's worth I think this is a very nice piece, your collection is very diverse and some of it is very good. I hope you haven't been put off sharing it online, if not for this unfortunate misunderstanding I'm sure it would be well received :)

Thank you Abigail for being so understanding. In a way i'm glad others have similarly been mislead. shame people jump in too quickly. I think they try to promote the 'own gallery' to encourage subscribers, and I honestly thought i was just creating my own back catalogue without hindering anyone else. I shall keep a few on here but remove the rest. Glad you like the piece.

Just love this , beautiful eyes.

Hang on Studio Wall


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Lin has always enjoyed expressing herself through words and pictures until life got in the way. In her teens she painted semi abstract dream like sketches inspired by record sleeve art by Roger Dean and Hypgnosis in her bedroom. She again took up Art in 2006 due to poor health and disability and…

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