Old Farm Cart

Old Farm Cart

I always think those projects in LP are often very dull indeed and need a bit of an injection of originality. Good for you for doing your own thing with it. I like what you have done with the cart and rather like your colour choices for the foreground. An individual painting, which is what we should all aim for I feel.

Thea is right. Art is about you the artist, not slaveshly following someone elses view. These projects are helpful guides only, not a set of rules. So well done for your work and accomplishing something more personal to you! The only thing I might add is that you appear to be a beginner, like me. As Alan Owen (check out his gallery) told me "Don't fiddle!! It's fatal". I'm guessing, perhaps presuming too much, (apologies) but it looks like you tried to change the sky, and ended up making it worse. I have been guilty of this so many times.......... Once committed, let it dry - and don't fiddle.

Uh Oh - you found me out Tony! Thanks for the encouragement guys - it is very much appreciate and helps the confidence!

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Old Farm Cart- 10X7 I tried to do my own version of this project with the aim of not copying too much of the surrounding foreground / background. That said, looking at the original picture, I feel i may have overdone it! Any constructive feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

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