A woman who went into labour at my party. She said she didn't know who the father was.

A woman who went into labour at my party. She said she didn't know who the father was.

But turned out to be a social democrats.

O M G Michael, you do have some wild ones!

Well,thats different.

Thanks John, Carole and Peter. Carole, better than what went off at the nurses quarters. Well these things do happen Peter, in my experience at least.

I don't suppose it was more than a coincidence that she went into labour at your party Mick? Good job you had a birthing chair! lol Your figures and explanations are so unique Mick....always something different.

Yes some tales could be told. My diagnosis for this would be 'constipation' Michael ;((

You have had an extraordinary life Michael, with all these naked people doing extraordinary things in extraordinary places! Superb drawing!

Thanks Fiona. I know, it always happens to me. Some people are like that. I've been at a few births and although they're amazing, being at conceptions is much better. Initially I told her that the pain was just wind Carole. I'm a fist aider but I got that wrong. I know Satu and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Thank you.

I prefer 'fist aider' Michael! You always make me smile 😊

Don't Carole! It's the second typo in a week which could have caused me trouble and which was purely a mistake. It's oldness. I facetimed my granddaughter last night and she was eating her evening meal. 'Oh, you're having your breakfast' I said. I made her laugh too. It's beginning to happen I think. Diagnosis soon.

I just relish all this brilliant drawings and stories. I happen to be going to a Eunuch Uglow exhibition opening in two weeks. I shall report back ..

Thanks Gudrun. That's something to look forward to.

Oops. These brilliant .... Euan ... autospelling is a nuisance sometimes!

I know what you mean Michael;). It's this predictive text that gets me, I never check what has come up! I make my daughters roll about laughing when I text them. What's facetime?

Precisely Carole. Face Time is Apple's Skype but much better.A video link with your friends and family. All the kids want Apple phones, pads etc. and if you haven't got an Apple device you can't use Face Time on a non-Apple device so instead of losing a bit of contact with the grandchildren I got an Apple IPad and phone so I could Face time them when I was missing them, which is most of the time. There are two 40 minutes away and two 4 hours away. They get fed up with me calling and quite often don't pick up because it's the old Granda.

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Drawing ink. After Euan Uglow.

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