You got watch them marines..... Good little piece though..... The art work that is...

Thanks Alan. I'm not sure if everyone appreciates my stories. In the navy they call it 'swinging the lead'. In the other professions I've had they just call it lies. Look around and tell me who doesn't swing the lead these days. Art is creative and fun.

Lol...I love your stories Michael. You made a wise choice, otherwise your beautiful features could have been re-arranged. I once made the mistake of asking a Royal Marine which instrument he played!!! Well I thought it was quite funny....he didn't!!lol She's a doll Michael, love the way you have painted the background by the way.

Thanks Fiona. Yes, I didn't frighten the marines.

Oh yes, that's funny Fiona!

Oh la la! Love your stories Mick (sorry, for some reason I've shortened your name- hope you don't mind!) She looks very like me! Now I'm fibbing! Why is your photo on your bio upside-down?

Oh! It's the right way up now!! No I haven't been drinking!

Thanks Adele. I don't mind - Mick is what I've been called most of all. I decided to change my photo and got it upside down the first attempt.

Ha! Sounds like you are as bad a me at technology - I don't really mean that as nobody can be as bad as me!!

Life used to be simple once Adele.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. I met Dorothy in the NAAFI in Plymouth in 1964. She served me lemonade, commented that I looked like a young Harrison Ford and asked me to take her out. I made some nervous excuse because I knew she was seeing a Royal Marine and I was too young and gorgeous to die. I wasn't too disappointed because she wore too much makeup and I'd just bought a new blue suit.

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I was born in 1946. In the 1960s and part of the 70s I was an airman in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm. I joined Durham Constabulary in 1971. In 1999 I retired from policing and began teaching sociology and criminology at Durham University with emphasis on policing and researching crime. I've just…

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