Fiona's challenge.

Fiona's challenge.

Wow she's got a good set of teeth Michael, has she got a national health dentist?

Lots of flossing Linda. I think I've made her too cute.

Brilliant Michael. Those teeth!!

Thanks Louise. They're her own you know.

Oh yes....she’s a cutie alright Michael! Wait a minute, it’s me!! 😈 Brilliant Michael, thanks for having a go.

Thanks Fiona. Not cute enough for you though. I tried to copy the old women skeleton in the swinging chair in Psyco.

What a good one Michael!

Scaaaary!! Pale face, empty eyes, evil mouth....

Ooh help! Wouldn't like to meet her on a dark night Michael!

Thanks Carole and Dennis.

That scene in Psycho was absolutely terrifying Kirstie. If you saw it.

Don't be afraid Carolyn.

You have a good imagination!

I think I saw her in a local night club once Michael.....(-: Good work....

Thanks Maureen and Jim. We can imagine what we will Maureen. Even being in a night club again Jim.

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