Industrial relic - a foundry at Hartlepool, Co. Durham, 1960s

Industrial relic - a foundry at Hartlepool, Co. Durham, 1960s

A fine example of the use of media Michael telling the sad story.

Love the effect and the atmosphere you have created here. Very evocative of the time.

Always makes me feel sad Michael. This is so atmospheric.

You've captured the grime, the grit the dereliction. It's not missed. Good picture of an age.

Thanks Gudrun and Adele. I know what you mean. My dad was a pitman, his dad was a pitman and his dad was an Irish labourer at a coke oven in west Durham. No pitmen or coke labourers here now. We had a great artist here, 'the pitman's painter', Norman Cornish. What a talent. See q=norman+cornish&rlz=1C9BKJA_enGB675GB676&oq=norman+cornish&aqs=chrome..69i57j5j0l2.5982j0j7&hl=en-GB&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=j1sdLg2qmR0HwM%3A

It's becoming a forgotten age Michael, and I don't think we will ever see a return. I love paintings that highlight this kind of subject and hardship......and this is set off perfectly in the medium and palette you've chosen.

Thanks Fiona. You're right. I'm pleased I didn't have to go down the pit. Not as healthy as an aircraft carrier flight deck.

I like the tones Michael, well suited to this clever painting

I know of his work Michael. I think he passed away not long ago. I think his work is fantastic.

You have captured the feeling of the time I know the about getting absorbed in art (Art is been able to run away with our leaving home)

Cornish really had this place weighed up Adele. Thanks Ruth. Yes, it takes you somewhere else for a time doesn't it?

Hang on Studio Wall

Black and white drawing ink. From a photograph of the time.

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