Brexit Fatigue.

Brexit Fatigue.

How true Michael. Your well drawn portrait says it all!

Nice job, Michael. Very topical. We've all got a touch of this. Unfortunately this is a fatigue that's likely to last a while.

I really like this - has a WW2 wartime feel to it … probably apt given the title!

Know the feeling Michael, drawn with great skill 👍

Great portrait, Michael, and the title says it all.

Sums up the times, think I’ve come through it now, Que Sera Sera and all that!

So skilful, topical and accurately conveyed Michael. Hope we can have a jolly portrait soon but it looks like it’s going to be a drawn out affair.

The eyes have it!. The eyes have it! Excellent expression.

Great Brexit study Michael

Nice drawing as for brexit aghhhhh

Thank you all ladies and gents.

Yes, just how we feel Michael, very expressive face :)

Fabulous expression Michael, it says it all! When is it going to end?.........

Michael, what an excellent portrait, wonderful marks and tones.

You hit the nail on the head Michael! He has the look of someone who was only 20 last year, and now look at him, poor devil. Also it’s a great pencil portrait.

Thank you for your kind and insightful comments Carole, Margaret, Fiona and Tessa.

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