Ha, but there are far more Moggies in the world than Rock Hudsons or Ben Afflecks Michael. The man is probably a hero..(-:

Probably not a hero. Occasionally amusing, if we don't take him too seriously!

A good one Michael. Like the parting in his hair. Blue could he be a typical Tory?

Thanks John. He's definitely not from the planet I'm from.

Great portrait, a trust me not smile Michael :)

Thanks Carole. I'd rather trust an Irish tinker.

Ha Ha, I kinda recognise him Michael, but there are so many of them, they all look the same to me.

Ha, you're all being very unfair to tis chap. Just because he works for the Inland Revenue and is a council traffic warden at weekends doesn't mean you wouldn't want him to marry your daughter...(your daughter might not be so keen mind)...(-:

A good likeness Michael.

A good likeness, Michael.

Not keen on most of his views but he is very amusing speaker when I see him on chat shows on tv, at least we have a great variety of characters in the big Westminster circus.

Like Boris, he's a performer Stephen.

Everything about it say yes.......

I tend to think they are all performers Michael, left, right or centre. A wit at at our group said to me recently, 'how do you know if an M.P. is lying - when his lips move'!

Precisely Stephen, they're all at it, left, right and centre.

The number of comments prove that like him or loathe him, you cannot ignore him. On the basis that his election as leader will precipitate the end of the Tory party, I love him!

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