Tractor ruts at Low Newton Junction Nature Reserve - looking towards Frankland Lane, Durham City.

Tractor ruts at Low Newton Junction Nature Reserve - looking towards Frankland Lane, Durham City.

What a beauty Michael...wonderful simplicity but very striking.

Agree a beauty Michael lovely paint

Thanks for your encouragement Dennis. Have a good week painting.

Simply beautiful, Michael.

That's very kind Cesare. Have a good week.


Thanks very much Paul. When my knees and hips were good this was a favourite walk with the dogs for many years. I managed to get there the other day and take a nostalgic photo. to paint from. I find it's a challenge to make simple landscapes interesting and the tractor ruts helped me here. My artistic ability is quite limited. I always enjoy your work. You add that something extra and interesting to your art, which I like to do if I can. Like you have, I also find that some images just 'appear' without my knowledge when I'm painting - I experience a miraculous perception as it were. On art I agree with you of course; I shouldn't put myself up as a god even though some of my paintings are miraculous. There's room for us all.

This is good painting. You're right. These types of scenes are quite difficult to make interesting. However, you have by, as you say, having given it a 'feel' and atmosphere by your subconscious. It happens naturally if you let it and it's exciting when it happens. I have painted a few like that too and it feels great! My particular favourite is a Self Portrait which is deliciously peculiar. I may post it one day ....

Thanks Gudrun, and for understanding what I mean. Mystery tours are always exciting. Please put your miraculous self portrait up. My dad's sisters used to ask my Mam to tell their fortunes from the tea leaves in their cups. It wasn't because she had any special power, she just told a good story.

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