Old rickety houses in High Street, Shincliffe Village, Durham City

Old rickety houses in High Street, Shincliffe Village, Durham City

I find this not rickety, but evocative. Rich in colour and I like the textures you have achieved.

It's very attractive Michael. Like the pink with the yellow on the houses and reflected elsewhere.

Thanks for your generosity and encouragement Gudrun, Marjorie and Dennis.

What wonderful characterful buildings. I agree with Marjorie about your use of the colours around the painting, gives the whole piece harmony Michael.....it's lovely.

Thanks very much Fiona. I see Dumfries and Galloway is on Country File now.

Yes, I believe it's featuring a local breeder of the Belted Galloway's, I missed it!lol I'll catch it on iplayer...if I remember!

This is super. I agree with Gudrun that it's not rickety, but the slight distortion lends a very artistic bent to the piece. There's a very lively charm and atmospheric feel to the whole scene.

Thanks Seok. I really appreciate your encouragement.

It's a lovely painting Michael and those houses look so inviting and probably full of local history.

Thanks Satu. There's an element of poetic licence there too.

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