Top Facebooker.

Top Facebooker.

Russia's Hitler

It's an excellent portrait Michael. You've caught his look.

Wonderful portrait, Michael, caught very well.

Thanks Louise and Cesare.

What an ignorant comment by the first poster, and equally ignorant to agree with it.

You got him Michael, brill!

Re Ms. Fox - Thanks for such insight.

Ms Fox did bring something worthwhile to my comment - I Completely forgot to tell you, Michael, what an excellent job you did on the image. Forgive me for stating a personal opinion on the subject first.

I don't go on Facebook Michael, so forgive me but I thought it was President Vladimir Putin.

Thanks Skylar. That's okay. Ms Fox, if it is a Ms, is guilty of threatening, abusive and insulting words and behaviour under The Public Order Act. She'll be going to jail. She's just a trouble maker and has no galleries or information about herself/himself on here. Thanks Linda. Prior to and during the US elections, the Russian State paid for dozens of adverts on Facebook with the intention of affecting Hilary Clinton's chance of becoming President. Deviant behaviour indeed with intent to manipulate the democratic State.

Michael - I was so embarrassed after my comment. I meant no disrespect. I love this forum, and do what I feel is Right. I Did look up "ms.Fox", only to find she isn't really "there" The original thing I saaid was "Russia's Hitler". Looking at the image, that's what I saw.

Does Anyone Know who Janet Fox is?!

I must say this has been a most extraordinary experience!

Your first comment was fine Skylar. You shouldn't be bothered about it. Art is about politics, freedom of speech and everything else but I'm certain it's not about abuse and insults.

With both you Michael and Skylar. Oh yes like the painting as well.

BTW, Michael, I was born in'46 also.

We're the baby boomers Skylar.

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