Artists model on 42nd floor

Artists model on 42nd floor

well i think it's ok :-p but i must admit, i hate 'life drawing' if i could have done, id have run out of the compulsory one we had when i was at college :-p, you are very good at drawing though :-) it is only the topic i don't like, not the skill you have used :-) you have a lot of talent :-)

Thank you Rebecca, I dont know where the drawing comes from. I used to be rubbish, I sometime think I still am but I am constantly practicing which helps. I want to do more painting but time is a big problem for me thats why my evenings in front of the tele seem to be the only time available and I am retired.

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Pencil drawing size a4. I did this one toward the end of last year, I dont think its one of my best. The face was wrong so I did some reworking on it this week but its true, you cant make a silk purse from a sows ear

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