Practice with Oil and Knives


Always like good sheep!

This is very good, Katy. Lovely sheep!

Looks pretty good to me Katy.

Love how you have composed this Katy. A very natural sheepy group, doing sheepy eating anything and everything. Was this from your visit to Drumbeg? I use to live near Drumbeg, a fab place.

Thank you Paul, Heather, Mia, George and Fiona for your comments, much appreciated. Do struggle with oils, I think I paint better in a hurry and with oil it ends up a sticky mess! Yes Fiona, they were the daily visitors to our cottage in Nedd. Ozzie, our rescue collie, was so funny, he pretended he couldn’t see them and they ignored him. I remember you saying you used to live nearby, it’s a lovely part of the world.

Hang on Studio Wall

I sketched these daily visitors to our holiday cottage in the highlands last year and decided to use the sketch as a practice for an oil painting with knives, fingers and brushes. Small canvas 8” x 10” not sure I have the patience with oils. I’ll leave it to dry and see if I want to do any more to it.

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I am an amateur artist. I started drawing in 1993 when my husband bought me a £2.50 book on how to draw. I had just lost my horse after 24 years and needed a distraction. I was earning my living, believe it or not, pressing flowers and selling my work at craft shows. In time I introduced a little…

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