Mama's Plant

Mama's plant

Lovely Katarina. The light just shines through your painting.

Beautiful use of light and tones Katrina.

Excellent work

You must have been so pleased to produce such a good painting, the light is excellent.

Lovely Katarina

Thank you all so very much. I really do love this little painting, and it moves me to hear that you enjoyed seeing it!

Lovely watercolour - loose and vibrant.

A wonderful freshness about this image.

Beautiful plant, I also love the impressionistic background Katarina. Thanks for your kind words about my paintings.

Once again, I am so humbled by your generous comments. Many thanks, it's truly appreciated! Painting this made me realise that my biggest joy in life comes from creating and sharing.

Yes that feeling of light coming through the leaves is very nice,

Beautifully subtle Katarina. I love the way the yellow leaves frame and push forward the central two, creating a focal point. Nicely observed.

Many thanks! This little exercise was a pure joy to paint. I'm glad you have enjoyed it too.

Hang on Studio Wall

One of my earliest works, I thought I'd share with you. I remember the pure joy I felt painting this and feeling 'it looks real' as I explored how the strong sun filtered through this gorgeous Prayer plant's leaves. It has my heart for sure.

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