Primroses emerging

primrose 1

So you should be, it's lovely and very well painted

June this is so lovely.

Lovely painting, so colour is so good

It's so easy to think this is not going to work, but this has. You must have all the primroses out at the moment. I am about to put a watercolour on that I did not like and worked into it with pastels to make the buildings much more interesting, I think!

Hang on Studio Wall

Wanted to try negative painting and wet in wet background. Found it quite difficult and nearly gave up halfway but kept going and pleased I finished it in the end.

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June Covey

I am a self taught artist and I really love watercolour. I love nature and especially flowers, but am trying to get into painting birds as well and hope to try some new things in the future. I live on the Surrey/Sussex border and have beautiful countryside near me. I lived in West Sussex for…

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