in der haute provence 2

in der haute provence 2

I like it. Just keep going and build on these skills.

Well done for your first oil, I've not tried oils so I can't make any criticism, It looks good to me.

Posted by K 0 on Thu 06 Feb 09:14:05

I think just keep going, basically - you're learning a new skill in effect, and have to get to know and understand your materials; and only practise is really going to tell you that. If I were to criticize, I'd just say keep in mind that you need your lightest lights and darkest darks - in other words, your strongest colours and bravest brush-strokes - in the foreground area. Let go a bit with sharp touches of detail, crisp and decisive brushwork in the areas nearest to you; you can still show the mountains - well painted, by the way - with enough definition to make them seem a real physical presence, but if the viewer feels the foreground isn't spot on, the eye will wander where you don't want it to. (It's annoying really: you can paint a perfect foreground - perfect-ish - and the viewer will just take it and all your work for granted; although he'll be seeing the painting as you want it to be seen all the same; but if there's any weakness there, THAT'S what he'll see; and however well you've painted the rest, it won't do any good!)

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A first effort with oils, part of my try something new in 2014. Very difficult as I dont really have a clue about drying times, fat over thin, brush strokes etc and all the various mediums. Okay I read up a lot and watched videos but still dont feel as if I know what I am doing. These are water souble oils and i really enjoyed using them. What a difference to acrylics. I love being able to go back after a couple of days and change something. This can also be a drawback - I could have gone on for weeks never satisfied, but decided to call it a day. I look forward to some helpful criticism.

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