Another experiement

Another experiement

Just finished an email to you Julie and had a quick look at the gallery to see these 4 lovely images! I like the strong colours but agree that the central line is a bit too dominant. Have no idea how to make it less so though!

This is also a very nice painting. As you feel that the central line is too dominant you could try painting in that small blue gap (with the black zig zag line) at the bottom between the brown plate and the watch. Use the same colour as the rest of the plate, which is brownish. That may eliminate the strong effect of the centra line. Just a suggestion.

Thank you Christine and Dympna - I will try your suggestion Dympna. It might work quite well - so long as I can wash the blue out reasonably easily, otherwise I will end up with mud!

I can't do paintings like this so I am not qualified to judge about centre lines, etc. All I can say is that I really love your choice of palette and the strong design of the painting. It works for me!

Like Thea, I don't feel qualified to comment on compositions like this, but it works for me too! I love the whimsical theme that runs through the painting. And the palette is super.

Hi again Julie. I have just seen this , and there is definitely a Shirley Trevena slant here which I love, but have failed to emulate. Why not look up her work and see if there are any clues there to help you. She floats things and disects objects and I think that you would like her work - if you don't already know it of course. I love this painting. I wish I could do the 'disecting bit', but my poor brain won't let me!!!! Good luck.

Hang on Studio Wall

With this painting, I tried to make divisions in the image but I feel that the central line is too dominant. I also slipped back into applying the paint a bit too thickly. Have invested in a few more transparent watercolours.

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