Stormy afternoon at Sidmouth

Stormy afternoon at Sidmouth

Lovely Julie the light on the cliffs the sea figures great techniques

Lots of imagination gone into this Julie, and the result is excellent, the scene has been well captured, and atmospheric.

Lovely painting Julie figures nicely contrasting against the sea

Dynamic is the word that fits this perfectly's excellent.

Scintillating wok Julie, textures and colours smashing.

This is a very beautiful and lively painting. I feel like I am present at that moment.

The textures are wonderful. I like your handling of the cliffs and rocks, all so dynamic and strong. Great composition (z), and all the comments say it so well.... Super!

A splendid painting, it has such an atmospheric feel.

Can almost feel the wind, good painting!

Julie this is really good. You have caught the light, a kind of flash light you get down on the beaches. Also you can feel that water moving about. Oils are for you. A painting is about grasping something beyond the mere physical discription or niceness of things. I believe if you get beyond the physical description, then the painting becomes a piece of art.

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Hang on Studio Wall

I decided it was time for something different to my usual efforts so painted this from a photo I had taken a couple of weeks ago. Painted on gessoed mount board, it has a variety of materials glued on, including builders' scrim, tissue paper and small strips of newspaper. I am also attempting the same image in oils.

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Julie Bosley

I drifted into painting following four years of City and Guilds creative Embroidery where I found I was enjoying the back-up art work almost more than the embroidery. I did an A level in art and design in 2006, and then joined a life painting class. For the last three years I have belonged to a…

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