Forest Light

Forest Light

Oh my word this is stunning. That glow in the sky is amazing. I wish I could do acrylic even half as good as this.

Where can I see your work on display? Do you have any in a gallery or exhibition?

Thanks for the details on the Gallery. We sometimes visit the Alpaca Farm at Stainton which is very close (for the woodworking place). I will remember to have a look.

Thank you Joe, for your kind comment on my 'Memories of France'. As you saw, my colours are very bold. I am trying (and failing) to do a forest with bluebells for my friend. How can I get the subtlety of colours necessary for that when no matter how hard I try they come out too colourful? I love your work, and have commented often how stunningly beautiful they are. Please help. Jx

this is beautiful. how long did it take you to finish?

Hi Joe: After seeing this delightful work initially, I bought some acrylics. I quite like them, but still go back to oils. This scene is reminiscent of my local park, but some licence would be necessary, as there are no wide, secluded streams like this. But even if there were, could I paint like this? Maybe not. But we keep trying. John

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on Watercolour paper. 21" x 14"

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