This is a beautifully painted portrait Jiri

Very nice portrait, Jiri. I like your treatment of the hands.

Really good portrait. You've clearly captured a lovely warm personality and those hands are top notch!

Very nice portrait!

You capture the eyes very well.

A very sensitive portrait - you get the sense that this is a very kind, gentle soul (obviously, that could be entirely deceiving: he might be a serial killer.... one has nightmares occasionally...). But the way you've concentrated on the face and hands, while leaving the clothing and background accurate but sketchy, is particularly effective: especially so, since the temptation with that approach is to labour too long and fussily on the aspects one wished to portray - which you have avoided entirely.

Many thanks to all for your comments,to Robert Jones in particular for his in depth analysis. Much appreciated.

Top drawer stuff!

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Oil on panel, 51 x 30 cm

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