Self 1969

Self 1969

That's a penetrating gaze Jiri - as always, very good indeed

Eyes are terrific Jiri, three dimensional. I turned 22 in 1969 😊

So I am a bit older than you, Frank.

Nobbut a young’un here Jiri. “Ladies” often don’t tell their age but Frank and I are contemporaries. Aaaagh! That’s an excellent portrait.

I think once we get to our age, saying how old we are tends to be done with pride, but if anyone calls me a young man, I always thank them for that.

It's much nicer to draw one's younger self I find, and this is a very good drawing.

Hang on Studio Wall

pencil drawing 40 x 30 cm Found this photo on my old driving licence going back over 50 years. It was the year when I arrived to these shores.

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