London Skyline


Love the treatment of the hazy foreground and your sense of distance here Jeannie. It has worked a treat.

Beautiful! Love London, this is ethereal and wonderful

This is a lovely and different painting of some of the famous rooftops of London and the soft muted colours work very well indeed

Hang on Studio Wall

This is just an experiment and an attempt at something different. Quite change from my animal and flower paintings. As you can see my main interest was the skyline with a bit of artistic license! The buildings are a bit wonky so must do better next time. Haha.

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jeannie Pakenham

I started painting about nine years ago when I retired. I have attended some workshops and classes but am mainly self taught and struggling. I paint for fun and enjoy the challenge watercolor brings. I think it is a difficult medium to work in but perhaps I'm a slow learner. I'm adding to my bio…

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