Imaginary Landscape


I like the bold shapes of the hills and the combination of mediums works very well here. There is a feeling of desolation here.

I know what you mean, Jacqueline, I’m more at home with pastels. This has worked well.

Thanks girls. And here was me thinking I’d hidden the desolation with the lush foreground.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour & gouache. I’m notoriously bad at painting as I find dry media more theraputic so you won’t often get a landscape painting out of me but I had some experimental colour mixes I wanted to find a use for. Not sure it’s good enough to post, I’ve been procrastinating about doing so.

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Jacqueline Budd

Aviation professional by day, hobby artist to relax. I haven’t had any formal art instruction & not sure I should be displaying my amateur efforts in amidst such talent. The furthest I have gone with my art is to supply pet portraits to work colleagues on request. However, I have already had some…

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