leaves and trees December

leaves and trees December

So much fine detail James, super work

Intricate drawing, great detail.

There's so much feeling in that aargh!,,,, I must admit, I laughed (inwardly of course) because I've been there myself so many times. The patterns and light which attract you in the first place don't seem to come together how you want! Thinking carefully about how to approach such a subject takes away the spontaneity yet a drawing such as this demands it to an extent. I still think you've done a good job - it's loose and yet intricate. Would you tackle it differently next time? I'm working at the moment on winter trees, patterns of light through the branches and the beautiful skies we're having at the moment. I'm trying to work more loosely so am not using brushes- fingers and sponges and acrylic. Some things are working....On that note, so endeth the lesson.

While sensing your pain...... I think this has come off well, and it's my sort of drawing; the kind I like to do, and also like to see (imagine doing this with a dip pen, by the way, if you want a real aaagh!!!). Ink lends itself well to twisted branches and deep depths - perhaps the way to keep the lights is to leave more space for them, ie fewer lines - this would be a little easier perhaps if you sketched the whole design out in pencil (the design, not the details) and then added the ink on top. Or lay a light wash of Chinese ink in places over the background rather than the vertical and diagonal pen lines?

Thank you all for your encouraging and helpful comments; I feel inspired to try it again with a light was in places; I can see a more considered approach would have been a good idea: problem was I had 45 minutes to spare before collecting someone; time was of the essence, but nonetheless I might return there.

Hang on Studio Wall

fine liners ,0.1 and 0.5 on A5. A frustrating drawing: I could see light in the distant branches and on the remaining leaves, but somehow the drawing got darker the more I worked at it! aaagh!!!!!!!!

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