Landgate Portchester Castle

Landgate Portchester Castle

Lovely loose and expressive drawing.

I rather like the effect. Good atmosphere. In answer to your second question, I don't know anything about fineliners!

I must try painting in the rain if this is the result! Definitely leave it, I like the effect as well. If I was you, I might even do another one, splash a little water on it and then add some loose, splashy colour washes. I find that a lot of good works are actually 'happy accidents' as this one is. I like it!

You must leave it James! I love the effect of running ink, the messier the better. I like Louises idea about the odd splashy wash of colour.

It's beautifully done. I'd leave it - it has a lot of atmosphere and appeal.

Agree with the others, leave it,it works. You can always have another go if the rain got in the way of what you wanted to say in the first place. Wet ink will run in the rain - waterproof when dry: not when wet....... Never mind; it's given you an individual look.

Hang on Studio Wall

I thought the rain had stopped, but I got caught in the next lot: 2 questions : 1.should i leave it? 2. I thought fineliners, advertised as waterproof wouldn't run in the rain? any thoughts please?

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