Athlone Castle

Athlone Castle

Very good James, lovely use of texture, you seem to have got a real feel for the subject and transferred that really well to your drawing

:-p i think it would have been really fun to say that to your friends, 'sorry, do you mind staying here for 30 mins in the freezing cold while i capture this scene :-p it is a lovely scene, i like it, your pen work is good :-)

Superb piece, very effectively capturing texture, detail and atmosphere.

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Fine liner on Mountboard: 85x6.5 ins I don't normally work from photos but as I was out walking with others I couldn't really say "do you mind hanging around here for a half an hour?" on a bright but cold day. At least a photo affords opportunity for detail and cropping.

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james hair

I'm an amateur artist. not entirely self-taught as I attended portrait classes for some years. There I learned how to look carefully. There's not much opportunity for posed portraiture now, but as an avid observer and sketcher I try to capture moments, movements, postures , scenery, atmospheres…

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