wedding day

wedding day

Well, I am not qualified to proffer advice, James, but I like it as it is. The stances are so amusing. You say on your latest that you are not one for using photos so did you just sketch it standing there?

Sian, thank you for your appreciative comment. Truth is, I did it from memories: I used to spend a lot of Saturday afternoons doing weddings: so the character in the robes is a self-portrait: the other characters are fictions created out of observations of brides and assorted guests at many weddings. The scene is loosely based on the churh in the grounds of Portchester Castle, a popular wedding venue. I'm glad you enjoyed it. When I put it on "facebook" my son recognised me, and a previous vicar recognised the location!

No shade..just how it is. Was she late?

Yes Sylvia, she was. She is based on one bride who turned up 20 minutes late with the excuse that the horse got tired! Gald you like !

Hang on Studio Wall

sepia ink on mountboard: I need some advice, shade or not to shade and leave as line drawing?

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I'm an amateur artist. not entirely self-taught as I attended portrait classes for some years. There I learned how to look carefully. There's not much opportunity for posed portraiture now, but as an avid observer and sketcher I try to capture moments, movements, postures , scenery, atmospheres…

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