Path through the moor


It’s pretty good Jack, the first time with a new medium can always be interesting. You’ve got nice depth to the far hills and a variation in your greens. You’re probably right about the paper, perhaps try a smoother one next time.

Thanks Fiona. Would you recommend hot pressed paper for coloured pencil work or a medium textured NOT paper?

I’m probably not the best person to advise you regarding papers for watercolour pencil use Jack, as I have no experience with them to be honest. I would say that a NOT or smooth watercolour Paper would be okay, especially if you want to use water with them rather than dry. There is so much choice out there, you could perhaps ask for recommendations on the forum? There may even be a thread already on the forum regarding paper choice. Keep going though Jack!

Hang on Studio Wall

6x8 watercolour pencil. My first try at this medium. Found it trickier than I expected to get the tones right. Maybe the paper wasn’t best for this medium

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