Valley Vew

Valley Vew

Nice work Jacki. Try a dry brush for that scree effect next time. But if you're into experiments why not?

Thank you Derek - I will try a dry brush next time. However, I am quite into adding texture using various things, like chives, black pepper, peppercorns, sea salt and tiny pebbles at the moment - all fun. In my painting West Wittering I used some of these items for added texture and depth. Any other ideas very welcome.

Hang on Studio Wall

This little painting has been done in watercolour and gouache. I wanted to have a go at working small and using watercolour, and/or gouache for added richness. At times I used wet on wet to get a natural look, but also worked wet on dry. I added some black pepper on the side of the hill to get the effect of loose scree.

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Jacki Larcombe

I live in the UK and am 64, retired and going mad with my paintbrush. My head is full of paintings and ideas so I keep very busy. I go to a weekly art class, from which I have learnt so much. I also have two dogs who need walking so all in all enjoy my retirement very much. When it comes to art…

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