Crazy Hen

Crazy Hen

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Crazy Hen has been done in acrylic on white cotton. Crazy Hen is a copy of Dawn Crothers Eggwina the Hen, whose work I love ( and she gave me permission to uploa my copy. I have used stenciling and embroidery to Crazy Hen-her beak and head feathers as well as edging her body. I have also used embroidery to patchwork her chest. Lasty I pasted her onto a canvas that I prepainted in a pale yellow acrylic. As the cotton piece was not even, I pasted it onto the canvas crooked too - to add to the crazy effect.

About the Artist
Jacki Larcombe

I live in the UK and am 64, retired and going mad with my paintbrush. My head is full of paintings and ideas so I keep very busy. I go to a weekly art class, from which I have learnt so much. I also have two dogs who need walking so all in all enjoy my retirement very much. When it comes to art…

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