Vase of flowers

Vase of flowers

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This abstract of a vase with summer flowers has been done using different types of acrylics. I used a lot of experientation to get the 'flow and cracked' look of the painting'. I began by painting sweeps of colour onto a blank canvas using glitter and metallic acrylic. Then I painted the whole canvas in black acrylic. When the canvas was dry, I mixed different acrylic colours with water and allowed them to run and mix across the canvas. As the flow of colours dried, the glitter/metallic paint under the black 'cracked' the new paint. I repeated the process several time, letting each 'flow' dry first. Lastly I dropped acrylic craft paint onto the canvas, tipping the canvas to get some movement before letting it dry in place. The finished effect gives an idea of a vase full of flowers.

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Jacki Larcombe

I live in the UK and am 64, retired and going mad with my paintbrush. My head is full of paintings and ideas so I keep very busy. I go to a weekly art class, from which I have learnt so much. I also have two dogs who need walking so all in all enjoy my retirement very much. When it comes to art…

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