Rural scene in the Netherlands

Rural scene in the Netherlands

Beautiful Henry wish I lived in that house

Love Lynn tranquil scene Henry I think the Netherlands is very similar to East Anglia.

Thanks very much Dennis and Dennis. Much appreciated. You're both too kind.

Has a classic, timeless. iddylic feel about this. Nice work...

Lovely,looks like an old master, well done Henry

Such a tranquil setting Henry. The golden glow of the overall setting is beautiful.

Thanks very much Jim, John, David and Sarah. Much appreciated.

I do like the composition Henry and your digital version which works well. I can't totally agree with your comment that digital is the future, I do think though that it can and will go hand in hand with traditional painting and I have no problem with that.

Lovely work Henry, I like the warm colours.

Thanks very much Alan and Margaret. Much appreciated. That's true Alan. Noted.

Thanks very much Gudrun. Much appreciated. It's a custom brush I created. I like it too.

Has a very pastel like quality Henry, I have had a few attempts with digital media but prefer sloshing on paint myself, each to his or her own. But art is art and I like this.

Mmm...warm and mellow Henry. I don't really mind how an image is created, it's what the person who creates the image, gets out of the process...isn't it? It all takes a level of skill, I think using traditional methods and materials is much easy than digital. I tried it

Thanks very much Stephen and Fiona. Much appreciated.

Exquisite, love the windmill Henry

Thanks very much Jenny. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Corel Painter 2017 and Wacom Intuos pen tablet

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