nude with coral necklace

nude with coral necklace

The wet skin and the reflection in water is very beautiful.....I guess it ia a enjoyable struggle...

Well William looking at this painting, your well on your way to mastering both. I think this is beautiul, you have captured her skin tone with the wet highlights perfectly and the reflection in the water has such depth. Couldn't do that with a toothbrush eh !

A beautiful painting, William....Agree with the above remarks. Luminence is superb!

Crikey William, this is wonderful ! Louise

When I posted a nude study I didn't really expect many comments because many artists seem to be at ease with nudity in a life class using charcoal but when confronted by a nude study in full colour they feel unable to comment, So to recieve positive comments from artists I admire is great , Thank you Louse, Ruth, Patricia and Yu Ping Eddy, and thank you again Ruth for your comments on my other paintings .

Found you! You have managed acrylic very well, see no struggling here, the water is brilliant. She reminds me of a beautiful mermaid (minus the tail). Many thanks for your comment on the Rose.

Thank you Carole for your kind comments and for taking the time to find my painting.

Really like this. You have conveyed her emotions as well as the water and skin tone. well done William Jx

William. Good for you on your latest comment to that chap who's posted his demonstration. Can't believe he's done that ! I'm not getting involved this time ! I get too cross ! It'll be interesting to see if he takes any notice. Well done you for telling him. Louise

Thank goodness that your picture is in the top 10 William. I had not seen it! It is BRILLIANT!

Wow William, I was wrong, not 2 but 3 made it to the Top Ten! I missed this one! I love this! I didn't even realise you did figures and portraits. You're very, very versatile indeed!

Thank you Beatrice and Seok ,I was amazed that all three of my postings made it to the top ten gallery and I am honored to be amongst such wonderfull artists.

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A practice piece for skintones and water, two things I struggle with, the other things I struggle with ? have you got a week ? : )

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