Landscape in pastel - the banks

Landscape in pastel - the banks

Georgina, I absolutely love you style! I’ve spent a pleasant hour looking through your blog, you have some terrific pieces of work. This is my kind of sketching, just wish I could do it this well. Lol

Yes I did do a monoprint of the charcoal you commented on, and only yesterday as it happens! I’m off to look up the artist you mentioned. Thank you for the tip.

Blimey, Leon’s Christ church spitalgate....almost identical. The first time I’ve seen his work, I had actually had in the back of my mind when I did that charcoal, the work of Dennis Creffield, which I love. Some of Leon’s work is a bit ‘heavy’ but I do like his architectural work. Thanks again.

Oooh I'd love to see it - I've never tried mono print - its on my to do list....very exciting. yes Leon's work is pretty dark and industrial, I just liked his occasional architectural ones and also the one of the people in the station. I wonder whether Dennis Creffield influenced him or vice versa. Not sure of dates.

How beautiful! You guys are making me think of getting my dreaded pastels out! Lovely style. Great work.

I’ve posted the mono print Georgina....but don’t get too excited, it isn’t very good I’m afraid. I’ll have another go at some point I’m sure. Ref who influenced who, I think Leon came before Dennis?

Prompted to look at your other work after posting a comment on your drawing post, I must say I connect very strongly with your loose expressive style. I'm not a fan of accurate representation—I think there should be something to discover in a landscape work, and a little detail goes a long way.

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