A leftover palette sketch!

A leftover palette sketch!

I probably said it before but I really love your work.

That's often the case, love it!.

the nude and peach sort of hues that hit the sky are perfet. love that muted yellow and tan color too that is resembling the ground

So much freedom in your work. I love it.

Posted on Wed 09 May 08:49:20

What a great use of leftovers! Great stuff.

Wonderful! What a stunning piece altogether! Such freedom yet such control. Love it!

I find this to be most expressive, (blustery day?). Yes, great brush strokes. I love it.

Lovely free brush strokes give life to this lovely work .

I like this a lot Georgina

My leftovers never look like this Georgina.......it’s just wonderful.

Hang on Studio Wall

From my leftovers - but I ended up liking it more then the real piece!!

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