Boats, Rock

Boats, Rock

Lovely work Georgina. For me I’d go with expressive, or loose for starters.

You definitely fit into the ‘genius’ catagory Georgina! Another brilliant example of your skill.

Beautiful painting Georgina.

Lovely sunny view Georgina, good antidote to winter.

Yes, agree with Fiona - genius! While it is hard fitting one's work into specific categories these are useful as search terms if you want to get examples of a particular style or subject.

There is something very nostalgic about this, Georgina. Nicely done!

It’s strange, my first thought was the muted colours are great. Then I thought the pinkish sand, in isolation, isn’t that muted. But despite that, I can’t help but think the muted colours are great. Balance must be everything, and this is really the muted colours.

Lovely soft warm colours Georgina.

Hang on Studio Wall

Something a bit different today from photos/sketches done yonks ago. Desperate to get to the seaside now! There are boxes below asking me for painting style, but I don't know where I fit in? Anyone any idea?

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Georgina Potter

I work fast and instinctively in oils, mostly from life or as a reaction to the landscape around me onto small canvas boards and then I often work these up into bigger paintings in my studios. I try to make every brush stroke matter so that I can be economical with detail, and I frequently rub areas…

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