The calm before

The calm before

Love the colours and dynamic brushstrokes.

Lovely, loose brush strokes and they describe the conditions and landscape so well Georgina.

No snow here in Galloway either Georgina, I’m quite disappointed, it’s scotland for goodness sake! I do love your free and loose style, it’s full of atmosphere and mood.

Lovely dynamic painting Georgina

And its fizzled out here in the Midlands also. Another well controlled and developed work Georgina, what actual sizes are you working to?.

Another Beauty Georgina you got a beautiful technique it enhances all your work

Thank you everyone. Alan these are mostly 25cm x 20cm, so pretty tiny. My struggle is always working these much bigger and getting enough interest to cover the canvas. Getting there though.....the oak painting from earlier was much much bigger and I'm happy with that one. My art history has a convoluted story - one for later perhaps!!

Yes Fiona I'm disappointed too! Silly really!! Its jolly cold though - currently -5c here. Dogs have been out and we are all now tucked in, and I feel a hot bath is the only way forward!!!

Thanks Georgina, yes, it is difficult to scale up and still maintain that same style - using bigger brushes doesn't seem to always work either, a strange one.

Another beauty ,

Gorgeous Georgina and lots to enjoy in your gallery

Love the colours, Georgia. It could well be Exmoor (forum re: preparation WIP)


Lovely loose work. Beautiful.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on snow yet in Wiltshire!!

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I work fast and instinctively in oils, mostly from life or as a reaction to the landscape around me onto small canvas boards and then I often work these up into bigger paintings in my studios. I try to make every brush stroke matter so that I can be economical with detail, and I frequently rub areas…

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