Curious - baby E

An utterly delightful painting. A wonderfully expressive face.


A fabulous portrait, you have captured an expression perfectly

Delightful, beautiful portrait.

Love the transparent and loose wash Georgina. I like how you have left white areas which allows focus on the face which is beautifully painted.

Superb use of watercolour Georgiana, such a difficult subject which you have mastered a beautiful result.

You have painted this so beautifully Georgiana, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Absolutely lovely Georgiana. In addition to fine painting you've caught all the innocence and wonder of childhood. Hat off to you.

An absolute corker Georgiana from the expression of curious innocence to the translucent washes and the clever use of white space. Love it.

Great expressive portrait, Georgiana.

Beautiful free watercolour of this difficult and lovely subject.

Absolutely stunning

Beautifully captured Georgiana


Hang on Studio Wall

A baby's world is full of wonders and surprises. I love the way the eye's lit earnestly with new found interest while the mind is flamed with curiosity.

About the Artist
Georgiana Chu

I love Nature and culture. Dancing and painting have occupied most of my leisure time in the past busier years. I particularly like belly dance and I am looking forward to see how my grand kids will react when they discovered their grand ma had been a belly dancer. However, I have decided it is now…

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