12 days after Mother's Day

Flowers - happy mother day

This is beautiful Georgiana. I would love to aspire to your competent level in terms of spontaneity and a loose approach, which doesn’t compromise on detail. I particularly admire the bow and vase.

Really nicely painted ... and I agree with your sentiments

A lovely fresh watercolour, full of light

Lovely painting with beautiful colours.

Very attractive, Georgiana

Beautifully painted as ever!

Beautifully painted Georgiana!

Your glass vase is absolutely stunning.

Hang on Studio Wall
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After 12 days, the flowers (the previous last item I posted in the gallery) I received on the Mother's Day are still joyful and brilliant in a different shape and stage. Mothers and all people should be like this....to mature and age beautifully.

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I love Nature and culture. Dancing and painting have occupied most of my leisure time in the past busier years. I particularly like belly dance and I am looking forward to see how my grand kids will react when they discovered their grand ma had been a belly dancer. However, I have decided it is now…

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