Takes my breath away with it's beauty! Wonderful use of watercolour - just perfect.

Lovely Carole a breath of Spring, lifts the spirits.

Absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful skill with watercolour. The colours are smashing.

Beautiful watercolour!

Thank you very much everyone. This is an imaginary version of peony as you may have guessed ! Had an urge to use bright colours.

What some colours !!! A breath of spring.

Missed this this morning, it's super. Love the colours in it and wish I could get my backgrounds to look like that. Wonderful.


Your flower paintings are really great! Lovely vibrant colours and an excellent background.

Carole - I hadn't realised what a wonderful watercolour painter you are when I replied to your kind comment. Do you hold courses? Lovely art.

A lovely painting with such a hard medium, love it!

I never know what to do with my backgrounds so they usually stay white. I'm going to have to practise a lot more to achieve anything like this beautiful painting. Can you recommend any books?

Thanks all for kind comments really appreciate them. Hi Susie, I sometimes mask the flower and any other highlights, then wet the paper. I then brush on my prepared colour or trickle it on and guide the flow. Let it dry then paint bits on top or negatively paint them. I like Ann Blockley and Shirley Trevena's books, also Wendy Taite is a good one to start with. Hope this helps. Carole.

Carole, I could spend all day loooking at your gallery - do you have exhibitions ? I am looking out the window at the moment and see some Granny's bonnets are out !

Hi Norah, thanks for your kind words. I put a few paintings up at a local library once or twice a year, and manage to sell a few. Don't charge much, just enough to help cover costs of materials and frames. Everything is lovely in the garden today, clematis in buds, petunia and still got some magnolia flowers as we are a little behind most places. Great to have the sun today!!!

carole your use of colour is inspiring..excellent

Wpw. This one is my absolute favorite. I love the loose quality you portrayed. I would love to learn to paint like you do with watercolor. The bold colors are amazing!!!

Love the carefree rainbow embracing your elegant blooms :-)

This is so beautiful ! what a spectacular effect with the flowers. Watercolour at its best.

Thank you Jules, Marcia, Rod and Beatrice, much appreciated.

Love this one Carole, can't wait to see it cropped and mounted, I bet it wil look even more spectacular !!!


How do you keep your paintings so loose and at the same time so controlled? You just set me a new level to aspire to. Gorgeous painting!

Thanks very much Georgie, Nicola and thanks to you Neil, now you are making me blush!

All the above are right!! This is a beautiful painting. Everything is so colourful and masterly painted. I like the detail in the central flowers and then the fading out.

Appreciate your comment very much Mia. Thanks.

This popped up in the sidebar, never seen it before but I knew immediately who painted it. Beautiful! Wonderful background

Thanks Di,very grateful for your comment.

I'm almost a Nottinghamshire lass Carole, I was born not far from the Notts/Derbyshire border. Which part of Derbyshire If I may ask?

Lovely composition and colours. Love it!

This is stunningly beautiful Carole...... enjoyed looking through your lovely gallery.

Wow Carole, I just found this one! Stunning, beautiful the way everything appears to be emerging from the backround washes, sutle colour changes, contrast and white speckle. Super piece.

Doesn't need to look better Carol. Stunning!

It would look better? Looks perfect to me and I wish I could do that.

I love the different marks you've achieved in this painting and the colours are fabulous!

Posted on Mon 15 May 11:49:21

What a great painting!

Amazing you are so tallented. Thank you for sharing.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 12" x 10" Will be cropped with mount later, then it may look better !

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