My Azalea

My Azalea

Oh this is superb Carole! A lovely shine on the leaves and beautiful flowers, brilliant.

Superb, Carole. One of your best.


Posted by T H on Fri 16 Feb 16:29:49

Really lovely Carole :)

Wonderful painting Carole, very tridimensional feel.

My word, that's a fabulous painting.

Gorgeous painting Carole. Your flower paintings are all just lovely.

Absolutely superb Carole ....stunning!

Really beautiful. Very well done.

Beautifully painted, Carole

This is stunning Carole!

This is gorgeous Carole - the variety of hues and those leaves are amazing

Beautiful, Carole. Interesting composition and wonderful detailed flowers. Love the glowing colour at the top of the flowerhead.

Wow - fabulous work.

Marvellous Carole, trying to find the "join" between watercolour and pastel, just can't see it, well done. It's an interesting mixture, only tried it once and it does work. Found that the more "chalky" Pastels worked better than the so called expensive ones.

Lovely Carole

Goodness Carole, that’s beautiful.

hi the detail and colour is stunning xx

superb work Carole very accomplished

Can't find a different word so will just say "gorgeous", Carole.

Absolutely beautiful portrait of azalea blossoms, Carole - so well done!

Oozing with beauty Carole

Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks so much everyone for your encouraging comments, I really appreciate them.

Your love for the subject shines through the love for your art Carole.

I have run out of words to describe how extremely fantastic your botanical paintings are, Carole but I promise to look for new ones.

Absolutely fabulous!

Many thanks John Satu and Sylvia for your very kind words:)

wow this is brilliant, you keep on getting better and better.

Excellent Carole, the pastel works well with watercolour.

A perfect azalea painting, Carole.

Thanks so much Linda very kind. Thank you George. Thanks Annick :)

Gorgeous botanical illustration Carole. You are an inspiration!

Posted on Sun 18 Feb 17:31:39

Thank you very kind Gudrun and Ibolya.

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Watercolour and pastel

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