Favourite chocolate


So sweet Carole!

You've picked all my favourites ... all I would add is a hard caramel. Lovely watercolour and I like the calligraphy too

Very different Carole but so well painted.

Such an unusual piece of lovely art Carole.

I love them all, Carole! Beautiful!!

Excellent illustrations !

Ha thanks for your indulgence, glad I’m not the only one!

Think about that waistline Carole! Great idea and superbly painted and some lovely calligraphy.

Love it Carole

What waistline Alan 🤔. Thanks so much Alan and Romila.

Oh ( she groans), Carole, they all look gorgeous. I’ve not long finished my birthday chocs but I could still manage these. I love how you’ve painted and set them out and the silver lettering is a final luxurious touch.

Yes Marjorie could eat them all again, alas gone :( Thanks...

“Now which one shall I have.....!” Lovely watercolour, Carole.

Ooo...choices, choices.....I’ll have one of each I think Carole! Lovely to see each with their own beautifully hand written description.

Lovely idea Carole! It was hubby’s birthday yesterday and we are sinking under a sea of chocolate. Obviously I have to help him....🤭

Very tempting, I'd like the dark one in the top row! Great lettering too.

Nice one but where have all the coffee fillings gone? What have they done with them?

Equally as tasty as ever Carole

Ha ha glad you all enjoyed them ;)

Hang on Studio Wall

Bit of fun as I love chocolate! Watercolour

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