When the clock strikes 3 everything stops for tea!

When the clock strikes 3 everything stops for tea!

That'll do for me, Carole. What are the rest having? lol This is a painting to enjoy, a feel good painting, one to make you shout out loud for "More tea, Vicar". *smile* Afternoon tea indeed. Great work. Truly excellent. Brian

Looks like you do tea properly, how it is meant to be done. Good job :)

Look delicious - lovely painting, Carole - like the gold

Wow that's so tasty. Great job carole x.

Oh I love this Carole - one of those cakes withe cherry on please. I can tell you enjoyed doing this.

Thanks so much for all your interest in this one, good old fashioned 'posh tea time'. Yes I did enjoy sticking the doily bits on, like being back at playgroup 😊

A real fun piece of work Carole. So fresh. I loved both of your paintings.

Thanks for the explain. It’s four in the morning but I could still tuck into this lot.

I love your work, Carole, and here you are doing something different. It's slightly oddball, whimsy...fantasy. And I love this too. Marvelous.

Really pretty Carole & yes I think whimsical is very apt description :)

A very happy painting.

Charming, delifghtfully quirky and love the colours, especially those soft pinks. Very appetising Carole.

That's lovely Carole, I love the gold that you've edged things with it really stands out. we should have extended the challenge to everyone but if anyone wants to join in, feel free. Linda

Lovely interesting feedback thank you so much all x

This should be snapped up by a posh café as afternoon tea is very popular at the moment. Love the colours and that beautiful cup. You've used the gutta outliner very well too, when I've used it for glass I've found it very difficult to handle and could never get it to come out evenly , always looked as though I had a bad case of the shakes!

Wow! Can I come to tea??? beautiful painting

Thanks Val, my hand isn't so steady these days and my eyes aren't too great either! Thalia wish I had high tea like this 😊

Looks wonderful Carole - can I come to tea? LOL. Everything looks so good!

Yes, that is Afternoon Tea !

Thank you again Margaret and Thank you Richard.

Fabulous work, Carole, has a look of 'Alice in wonderland' I like the way you have suggested rhyme in your work, with the clock hour and the subject :)

Posted by C Jones on Fri 13 Apr 06:33:50
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Watercolour and gutta contour liner. Linda and Rachel's cup and saucer challenge reminded me of this painting I did a couple of years back, hope you like it. Eclipses dodgy but meant to be ;))

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