Faux Rose

Faux Rose

I'd never have guessed that these were artificial roses Carole. They lasted well while you painted, no problems with the petals dropping..LOL. It's beautiful, and the glass works!

Lovely watercolour painting Carole, you made a super job of the Roses by using lovely bright colours for the petals and the glass does work really well

Can't believe you find roses and glass difficult to do - looks like you're a natural to me! Lovely colours and the roses look so natural, a nice reminder of the Summer Carole.

Thanks ladies! I thought it was over-worked a bit as I put so many glazes on the petals. Thanks for the reassurance on the glass.

It works for me. It's a lovely painting.

I love the colours of the roses and the way they get paler in the background. As for the glass it's great.

Those roses are lovely and the glass is very delicately done. Watercolour is so difficult to perfect but your colour washes on the flowers and the leaves are excellent.

Beautiful painting Carole, great work

Thank you very much, really appreciate your comments.

Very beautiful, Carole. I really like the colours. Well done!

What beautiful Roses , real or not .

Thank you Mark, Michael and Karyl, very kind of you.

You have given them life Carole, they are beautifully painted.

It looks good to me Carole, a lovely painting

Must be losing my marbles, I could have sworn I'd left a comment on this lol. Beautiful roses and delicately painted glass, a definite winner!

Thank you Fiona, Glennis and Val. X

It's delightful, Carole. I love the palette, and your rendering of the vase is super - love the subtle shades and tones.

No - I find roses difficult, but you are pretty damn good at them!! Your roses are wonderfully soft and expressive and your glass vase looks great to me. It's a super painting, Carole.

Thanks very much Seok and Thea for your generous comments.

I struggle with water colour painting so, when I see something as beautiful as this,I am lost for words. Well done!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted this from a vase of artificial roses which I bought from a charity shop. As you can see I'm not a glass painter and roses I find very difficult

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