Venice in Acrylics

Venice in Acrylics

Hi Carole this is lovely...the reflections in the water are great I particularly like the lamp-post...the position of the sun gives the painting a lovely golden hue...good luck with the next one

I like the way you have done the water, the gold leaf really sets it off. I bet it looks lovely on your daughters wall.

Thank you very much Patsy and Suzanne.

I really like the colour scheme. There is a sense of serenity about the painting. I like the gold effect on the water. I'm certain your daughter will be proud of the painting.

wow...this is amazing...........took my breath away.....great colours very eye catchin....lovely..........i've just finished a picture on a old lamp..but this is breath takin.........

Carole, I noticed that you left a comment on Patsy's painting. I looked for this. Lovely Venice painting. I like the gold leaf nice lighting effect - definitely an artist's eye. Just like watercolour I think acrylic needs practice as does oil. I now paint so much in acrylic oil and pastel when I go back to watercolour I have forgotten and need to put my watercolur hat on!. Your delicate touch with the watercolour will have to be left behind - set yourself free - somebody with your talent wouldn't find it hard.

Just found this one, a lttle different for you. I know what you mean about acrylics, I just can't get on with them but you've made an excellent job of this, it's a lovely painting. The water is very well painted, I'm sure your daughter must love it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave very generous comments. I think I was just lucky the water turned out ok. My daughter told me the colours she wanted, and I had to mix them which I found very hard to do. I will have to keep practicing as Jeanette advises. Thanks again Carole.

Well Carole, as the colours were "dictated" to you, which limited your free expression, I think you have done superbly well, I like the painting very much indeed, as Jeannette said, you must lose your watercolour hat when using acrylics, but without practice this is easier said than done. I very much look forward to your second painting, Good luck. Best wishes, Bill

Absolutley agree with all the above comments, this is a gorgeous painting...i just love the limeted pallette you have the gold leaf..which you have used to pick out the highlights,and being clever eneough not to have overdone it. it does have a wonderfull shimmer to it. a beautifull painting, i love it. best wishes. irene.

Tom Kerr...... Good handling I like the mixed media using gold leaf this blends so well with the limited pallete colours,keep experimenting. well done........

Posted by Tom Kerr on Wed 18 Feb 14:20:07

The colours are amazing and I love this scene. Thank you very much for comments on my work too.

Love the highlights,this painting has a great sense of Venetian atmosphere, best wishes, colleen

This is a great painting. I love the palette a lot. I think the gold did it's job very well in this. Lovely! Thanks for your kind comments on my painting, Carole!

Hi Carole, I have only ever used acrylics whilst trying to amuse the grandchildren when they visit, so I will be sticking to oils! Lovely painting, and I agree with all the above comments. Many thanks for your kind words with my Dawn Raid painting.

Fantastic portfolio, oh to be so talented! Lynda

A lovely painting. I really like this.

Good painting but I feel you were restricted because it was commissioned. So difficult to follow instructions rather than your creative urges!! However that didn't stop you from putting on the gold! Brilliant touch (excuse the pun) Look forward to seeing your next one! You definitely should do more landscapes they're so good.

Many thanks for kind comments. Jean I agree it's not easy trying to please someone else, as they usually have other ideas on colours etc..........

The gold effect on the water is great, I particularly love the lamp-post ! Watercolor, acrylics or pastel, your work is beautiful Carole. You have great talent ! Best wishes, Kati

Very nice Carole love the colours

Hi Carole thank you for your comment very much appreciated.

A beautiful Venetian scene, the use of gold leaf to give it the Midas touch.

This is an incredible painting. I can hardly believe this is your first acrylic painting! I think the colours blend together so well.

I have just seen this and I am blown away by it. I agree with everything that all the others say and more. Venice is a place I love and this catches the magic of this beautiful place.

Really lovely, atmospheric painting.

Hi Carole, I really like this one, I paint with Acrylics and love the medium. I see that you have captured the essence. The sun's reflection on the water is great. Your sky is very good and the picture is well balanced.

Sorry late with thanks, I do appreciate your comments. I don't get emails now to tell me when someone comments.

It is so beautiful!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my first acrylic painting,done for my daughter. I was pressured into it ! I just can't seem to mix the colours very well. This is on a box canvas, about 20' x 16'. Any comments welcome. I've not attempted another one, I did this over a year ago and now me other daughter wants something similar. I added a bit of gold leaf for effect.

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