For Barry Hulme

For Barry Hulme

Circa 1961 oil on card ( inside of a Kellogg’s cornflake box)

Theres something a little gothic about this as though painted as a backdrop to a Boshe picture maybe. The detail and slightly skewed perspective is fascinating.

This is great David, I just don’t believe you did this at such a young age it’s got so much character. It must be brilliant to look at something you did with limited materials so long ago.

Thanks Barry, I think I’ve improve a little since then.i

What a treasure. Wish I had some of my old paintings but surprisingly I can actually remember a few.

What I like about your work, David, is that it's so varied. I guess this is where it all began. Excellent.

Hi Lewis, Thank you, yes this is where my love for oils began with those little left over pots of oil colours from paint by numbers. I loved the smell of Linseed. Don’t use it much today though😊

Beautiful light here David.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on card

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Hi my Name is David Fitch born 1950 and a self taught painter. I re-kickstarted my love of painting during convalescence for a radical prostatectomy in 2009. Now I have to paint , I have this relentless need to produce and desire to leave something behind. maybe that’s selfish, I don’t know? I…

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